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The hyper-growth is not slowing down anytime, ever...It will only get tougher to find great leadership to take advantage of the opportunities in responsible ways...

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Both Artificial intelligence and robotics are part of the 21st century industrial revolution. The two industries will experience phenomenal growth for the rest of the 21st century at least. Alone artificial intelligence and robotics have limited industry growth potential, but together artificial intelligence and robotics have truly unlimited potential for growth in an agnostic sense, and together they also have the greatest potential to advance the human race, or destroy it at intermittent rates.

"As more and  more artificial intelligence is entering into the world, more and more emotional intelligence must enter into leadership." Amit Ray


With the genius of man, and the precision of technology we can create perfection, and therefore prolong human life and save our planet and the universe.

Artificial intelligence and robotics have the increasing ability to calculate down to almost no error but they cannot yet replace basic empathetic human leadership traits. We are in an automated world where consumers rely on technology to the point where they longer have to make analytical choices about some of the most critical decisions in their life; decisions that involve their safety and welfare. With leadership and as we continue to advance technology, we need to protect ourselves from ourselves, not technology.

In the future leaders need to be innovative. True innovation leadership can only be accomplished by having great fortune telling ability or have fantastic ethics. While fortune telling ability or foresight is achieved through intuition, diverse education and experience, ethics are therefore achieved through a sense of humility and empathy. The traits will allow them to lead their organization and customers into the future. In a world where technology is evolving faster and faster, leaders need to not only have technical diversity, but they also need to have critical thinking ability and social skills to upskill teams according to abilities and navigate through constant change.

Leaders of the future will need to also assume the role of being influencers and thought leaders. Being an influencer or thought leader means that the leader has had a certain amount of publicized success and is renowned in particular areas where therefore they can get others to do what is needed with such influence.

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