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Empire Headhunters is a business journal awarded headhunting firm with well over 25 years of public and private sector leadership experience in many industries. Our network consists of thought leaders, industry influencers across the world, and we have worked with clients in several global technology markets to include the Middle East, Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Ireland and Europe.



It Starts With Relationships



We have built a tribe of relationships across the globe. The type of executives we work with in our tribe consists of high-net worth individuals, pro sports players, politicians, military officials, technology tycoons, and c-level executives. Whether you are a client or candidate, all of these people have incorporated massive technology into their businesses, and they only deal with the best executives in technology. This is the best of the best when it comes to business, and unless you are already in this type of relationship circle, it is very difficult to get access to these types of people. Since we only deal with the best, you will only get the best. 

Empire Headhunter Tribal .png

Strength In Resources


Just like a lion has strength and resources to conduct its hunt and survive, so do we. Our parent company, Reciprocity ROI is a partner to a mid-market Venture Capital Firm. Through Reciprocity we have access to other business solutions within the technology spectrum. Being immersed with so many resources in different areas, makes us an even more capable headhunter. 

When prey is scarce, to be successful, lions must be skilled hunters. This is true in the high-demand, low supply market for scarce technology leadership, and success can only come with tenured relationships, experience and a great education. Other hunting qualities like accuracy, speed, agility and instinct make us some of the best headhunters within the field of technology.



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