Full Stack (Statistical Data Developer – Entire Framework)


Job Type





* Ability and passion to learn and research 
* Critical Thinking / Articulate / Communicative
* Experience: minimum 1+ Years
* No Degree Requirements 
* Deep R&D Projects 
* Ability to demonstrate exceptional ability in a past problem/s (Ability to critically think, take initiative and be conscientious)
* Ability to demonstrate attention to detail and research / innovation mindset (Ability to find and implement better ways to doing things)
* Programming: ability to demonstrate coding in Python, HTML, CSS, JS, Java, SQL and C++
* Enthusiastic in creating and learning how to create real-world critical infrastructures – such as Health Devices and Environmental Infrastructure, able to conduct first principles thought process and demonstrate this in the interview
* Understand flow charts, fundamental understanding of mathematics and able to demonstrate ability to apply matrices and basic statistics – Regression
* Ability to talk and work in a team, with a focus on soft skills, communication, and ability to raise issues proactively, learn to fail and fix and take initiative to be an intrapreneur and grow the business with you. Quality assurance is going to be key, along with the ability to understand problems.

OPTIONAL QUALIFICATIONS (Nice to demonstrate but trained will be provided):

* Programming: be able to demonstrate ability to understand AWS (RDS, EC2, Lambda), be able to document APIs (Redoc) and build sandbox, be able to create React.js programs with Node.js backend and be able to understand using Figma, and demonstrate open-source initiatives. Understanding core Android and IoS development will be beneficial.
* Understand fundamental statistics, and be able to model big data into a infrastructure to serve standardised rule based AI engines
* High documentation standards and self-reporting
* Understand basic physics
* Have basic knowledge and awareness of Cyber Security


Our client and its group of companies are looking for a new team member to join their team of specialists, to be trained and grow with us.
Mainly involved in interesting projects like measuring Air Quality to financial impact on individual asset classes, building credit risk engines for corporate banks or inventing breakthrough medical devices and machinery.
Do not expect to begin as a specialist when you join, expect to be diverse in your knowledge (know a bit of everything and be really good at a few things).
You will be trained to work initially in a framework using Python to model data, document it, feed it into SQL RDS in AWS, create a Redoc.ly documentation with Data Based APIs, connect those APIs into further rule-based engines to be then displayed into an interactive frontend created using React and globally independent components.
You will always be challenged to push the horizon and invent new ways of doing things, while being required to understand adaptive and cross-transfer learning, where you improve your efficiency constantly and build a framework for your peers to follow.
We are looking to expect a long-term commitment, as our projects are R&D heavy, especially medical projects and require a 5-year commitment, where we train you and you grow with us.
You will be also prompted to build research publications around your work and learn how to protect the IP you create in the company, as we are involved in multiple breakthroughs of technologies.
The requirements are for someone who is ready to learn and understand that you are not always right and to do big things you need a team. We need someone who we can not only train but make a part of our vision and long-term growth plans.
You will be directly mentored by the founder and will be expected to take up active management as required and say yes to any tasks provided to you, which is required to complete an objective.
You are expected to be self-accountable and report and ask questions.
Experimentation and research are followed by failures, but it is how you mitigate them and learn from them, which matter.
Our philosophy is making a global impact and helping people, and you must be able to think from the end user perspective.
Treat this as an Industrial PHD commitment, as most of our team is qualified for publication once they gain 2-3 years of experience, and while we do not require education, we do require competency and have low tolerance for lazy and excuses due to the critical nature of our work.


You will directly work with our CEO while a reporting structure based on project will be created. You are expected to directly message the CEO if there are any queries which are creating risk, or if you have alternate or better way of doing things.


We believe in structured execution and new value creation. We have a defined vision of impact, working with us you will use your previous knowledge and critical thinking to develop your experience in areas that are unchartered in approach.
Creating new possibilities by providing direct, measurable value to society.


We will provide you a clearly defined career path, most of our compensation is tied to delivery, and our base compensation is comparable to the average in Bengaluru.
Your potential to earn is directly tied to your potential to deliver and take accountability of value.
Some of our employees could earn up to 500% bonus if they created that much value and revenue for the company.
There is also an opportunity to join our core executives in London, Sydney, or New York, if an opportunity presents.
If you perform well, expect a professional review every 6-months, with an increment of 8-25% based on your results.