Computer Vision Engineer

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Job Type

Hybrid 20/80


The candidate that secures this position will have extensive free reign creatively, and in the decision making process...they will also be part of the founding family.

Founding Computer vision Engineer (LA)
Hybrid work environment - 1-2 days office 3-4 days at home


* Primary objective is to build computer vision software and scoring algorithms to grade cards. The individual will collaborate on building physical systems to 3D scan cards and collect data to feed models.

* We are building the end to end sports card collecting experience for Web 3.0.

* Led by serial multi-billion dollar exit CEO and funded by Tier 1 Silicon Valley VC.

* The rapidly growing sports card trading market, which was $14B in 2020 and will be $100B by 2027, is dependent on card grading companies that validate the authenticity and quality of cards. These companies are marred by inconsistency due to repetitive low-skilled labor manually reviewing each card.

* We are building a computer vision grading system as the bedrock for its sports card ecosystem, which will also include an e-commerce marketplace, retail locations, and a blockchain transaction network.

* The individual will have the opportunity to grow into the CTO position and collaborate with our technical advisor who is one of the world's foremost experts in AI, ML, and computer vision.