Why Our Headhunting Firm?

As your company continues to grow and navigate through the competitive business world, it is no secret that technology leadership must be a primary consideration for every company. In the hyper-growth technology market where demand maintains perpetually low unemployment rates and requires consistently new skillsets, competition is prominent and relevant technology leadership is scarce. 


To compete for the war on leadership talent, your company may likely have to go through months and months of rigorous and highly customized executive searches to find the right candidates. This consists of things like constantly dealing with counter offers or companies using sly business tactics to lure great candidates away from your company. On average it takes 3 months to fill a C-level role, but in the competitive field of technology, think more like 6 months. By the time you find the candidate you want, at 6 months it is too late. That candidate has likely already taken another role with your competitior from some other headhunter they have been working with for a long time. Does this sound like something you have dealt with or are currently dealing with today? In order to overcome this, you need a partner in business who has specialized expertise in specific technology domains as well as recruitment. Having this expertise coupled with great business intuition from our industry intelligence means that we are extremely effective at what we do because we always have our eyes and ears tuned to the market.

Our Story 

Our small team has over 25 years of experience in headhunting. Our Founder, Paul Claxton is an industry awarded headhunter, thought leader, industry influencer, and he previously worked as a U.S. Marine for 10 years. Paul has worked in several global technology markets to include the Middle East, Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Ireland and Europe. In 2016, he built and bootstrapped our parent company Reciprocity ROI to the success it is today. In addition other beliefs on Paul's Curriculum Vitae, Paul says that "Great Business Happens When You Have Great Relationships" and "Employees Can Be Your Greatest Asset Or Greatest Liability".  Relationships and these two quotes of his are the premise on which he started Reciprocity ROI and Empire Headhunters. Reciprocal relationships that are totally mutual are how you find real Return On Investment (ROI) in business. Our team has spent years building and nurturing these relationships with executives all across the globe. 


Kellie O Hara, is our lead headhunter. Kellie started her technology career on the UI/UX side of programming and marketing. From there, Kellie went on to continue her career where she has worked with a number of senior level executives in the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics technology sectors. Kellie brings a diverse business acumen and a unique understanding of relationships that remains unmatched. We brought Kellie onboard because we have seen that this is what has made her so successful, and it is why everyone seems to want to work with her!   Kellie O Hara is our lead headhunter and she directs and manages our team on all headhunting matters related. 




It Starts With Relationships

We opened Empire Headhunters because we know business starts with relationships. As a  small global executive search firm with the support of our parent company we have the domain expertise, technological resources, relationships, muscle and reach of a much larger company with a lot less conflicts than a larger firm would have in servicing their clients.

Our Leadership EcoSystem Is Tribal

We have built a tribe of relationships across the globe. The type of executives we work with in our tribe consists of high-net worth individuals, pro sports players, politicians, military officials, technology tycoons, and c-level executives. Whether you are a client or candidate, all of these people have incorporated massive technology into their businesses, and they only deal with the best executives in technology. This is the best of the best when it comes to business, and unless you are already in this type of relationship circle, it is very difficult to get access to these types of people.


Since we only deal with the best, you will only get the best. 


Empire Headhunter Tribal .png

We Have Strength And Resources

Just like a lion has strength and resources to conduct its hunt and survive, so do we. Our parent company, Reciprocity ROI is a Venture Partner to a mid-market Venture Capital Firm. Through Reciprocity we have access to other business solutions within the technology spectrum. Being immersed with so many resources in different areas, makes us an even more capable headhunter. 

We Are Skilled Hunters

When prey is scarce, to be successful, lions must be skilled hunters. This is true in the high-demand, low supply market for scarce technology leadership, and success can only come with tenured relationships, experience and a great education. Other hunting qualities like accuracy, speed, agility and instinct make us some of the best headhunters within the field of technology.


Design expectations and a framework for the search

Intelligence gathering and research based on expectations and framework

Use intelligence for identification and targeting of candidates

Evaluation and assessment of candidates 

Presentation and candidate reception​


Soiree and candidate welcoming

Candidate and client acclimation and immersion​