Question 1:

What is a headhunter?


A headhunter is a company or individual that provides employment recruiting services on behalf of an employer or client.

Question 2:

Benefits of hiring a headhunter?


SAVES YOU TIME! The headhunter does all time consuming tasks like researching, sourcing,  screening, & pre-qualifying highly qualified and targeted candidates.

SAVES YOU MONEY! On average a company LOSES 30% of an employee's first annual salary if they make a BAD HIRE. We prevent that from happening due to extreme due diligence in our candidate selection.

NETWORKING! Headhunters have a large network of pre-existing relationships built on trust and years of collaboration. These networks generally encompasss tens of thousands of people, and always nationally, and sometimes even globally. People do business with people they know and trust.

Question 3:

Industries we work in?


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Health Tech, Clean Tech, Manufacturing, Automotive and Venture Capital.

Question 4:

What makes us different from other headhunters?


We are a business division of our parent firm Reciprocity ROI, LLC (founded by former active duty Marine and serial entrepreneur Paul Claxton), which is an innovative tech firm.


We provide an ecosystem of pre-existing relationships in technology leadership originating from Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Health Tech, Clean Tech, Manufacturing, Automotive and Venture Capital. Therefore we have a distinct advantage (our network), when sourcing high-standard candidates on your behalf.

Question 5:

What is our process in finding the ideal candidate for you?


Understanding the client's needs in what they want, exactly in terms of experience, personality, skills ,qualifications and uniqueness in addition to the job description. 

Research, source and target highly talented candidates, whilst building genuine rapport with candidates from a "value first" perspective whilst building your employer brand in a respectful and professional manner.

The process of preparing, delivering and following up with candidates involves the responsibility of screening & shortlisting where we take candidates through an in-depth pre-qualifying process that entails multiple 30/60 minute followup calls.  The pre-qualification process also includes verifying candidates by checking references.

Question 6:

What type of companies do we work with?

Generally small-midsize businesses and small-medium enterprise businesses. We tend to focus on the most innovative companies located in the USA and specializing or having a need in emerging technology, especially AI/Robotics.

Question 7:

What roles are our focus areas:



VP or Director

Engineers, Architects, Programmers, DBA, Developer, MLS, Data Specialists

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